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The Ukrainian National Transport Company (Odessa) specializes in the field of transport-forwarding services.

The basic direction of activity of the company is forwarding through seaports of Ukraine. Base port is the Odessa Sea Trading port in connection with that in the Odessa port stevedore operations are carried out by the Ukrainian National Stevedore Company.

Our company has the efficient staff of the employees having long-term experience of works in sphere of transportations and forwarding with various cargoes by all types of transport.

We provide a wide complex of transport-forwarding services:

  • Complex forwarding and full volume of cargo operations of various kinds export-import and transit cargoes in the Odessa sea trading port and other ports of Ukraine;
  • Transportation of any cargoes on railways of Ukraine, export-import and transit transportations of any cargoes on railways of CIS countries ;
  • Warehousing and storage of cargoes, processing and complete set of a cargo in covered and customs-licensed warehouses;
  • Maintenance of sepatational and fixing materials, work under separation of cargoes;
  • The organization of qualitative and quantitative examination of cargoes;
  • Chartering the tonnage;
  • Customs clearing of import cargoes, customs declaration of export and transit cargoes;
  • Insurance of cargoes on behalf of the customer.

We are sure, that cooperation with us will be profitable and mutually beneficial, as under any circumstances we shall be always guided by your interests.

Company officials

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