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Services are provided by transporting holding: the «Ukrainian National Transport Company» and the «Ukrainian National Stevedore Company».

We carry out a wide complex of transport-forwarding and stevedore services:

  • Complex forwarding and full volume of cargo operations in Odessa sea Trading port and other ports of Ukraine;
  • Transfer of cargoes in the Odessa port by forces of own stevedore company;
  • Rail transportation of any cargoes, including transit across Ukraine and CIS countries;
  • Tracking of cargoes on railways of Ukraine, the CIS;
  • Warehousing and storage of cargoes, processing and complete set of parties on covered warehouses;
  • Container's depot;
  • Maintenance of separational and fixing materials, work under separation of cargoes;
  • Customs clearing of import cargoes, customs declaration of export and transit cargoes;
  • Chartering of the tonnage;
  • The organization of qualitative and quantitative examination of cargoes; ;
  • Insurance of cargoes on behalf of the customer.


Modern technologies of a full complex stevedore operation and international forwarding.

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