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Odessa Sea Trading Port

Odessa Sea Trading Port is the largest port of the Black Sea-Azov range. It is situated NW part of the Black Sea (4632'N, 30 54') on the historically founded merchant ways between East and West. It adjoins the city of Odessa - a large cultural, resort and industrial center of Ukraine.
Port capacities can handle up to 14 mln tons of dry-cargoes and about 24 mln tons of oil products annually. This non-freezing universal port accepts vessels up to 270 m length and up to 13,0 m draft.

Modern Container terminal with annual capacity 100.000 TEU, oil and gas terminals and vegetable oils handling complex are to your service. Special (free) Economic Zone "Porto-Franko" is located on the port Quarrantine Pier.

Stevedoring companies operating at the port handling complexes will provide you all services regarding handling and storage of your cargo. Your cargo may be delivered to and forwarded from the port by railway, motor, sea and river transport. For over 200 years the city has served as a large port and a perfect Black Sea resort.

Marine station located close to main city sightseeing is the biggest Passenger terminals in CIS countries with annual pax capacity about 4 mln people. There are Yacht complex, "Marine Gallery", St.Nilolay's Church, Concert and exhibition hall, tourists offices and other facilities at the Passenger terminal area.

Port is a member of prestige international Associations and is a base cruise port of Ukraine.

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